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Best Buy has a pretty sweet game sale going on right now that should make plenty of you rather happy, unless of course you burnt through all your Christmas money and gift cards already; then perhaps not. Still, we have to share out the game deals that we come across and there’s quite a few here worth noting.

It’s worth noting that Limited Run Games has been releasing quite a few of their games at Best Buy, making them more readily available than online orders and sweating bullets hoping to get one of their games before they’re all scooped up in record-breaking time. Anyone who’s had the chance to enjoy a few rounds of Windjammers in two-player versus matches knows it’s well worth picking up.

If you got to enjoy our Best Games of 2019 article then you’ll recognize Devil May Cry 5 and Judgement making their way onto this little list of recommendations. (Seriously, they’re absolutely amazing games and well worth adding to your collection especially at this price.)

Catherine Full Body seemingly hasn’t been getting enough attention from people online, so we figured why not shout it out a bit since it’s still one of the very best puzzle games to come out in a long time. That, and the story is an absolute head-trip that everyone should experience at least once, assuming they can best this insanely difficult game.

There’s plenty of other games available to throw your hard earned money at on their site. You can click here to go there now or the image up at the top of the page. As always, happy hunting gamers!

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