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CD Projekt RED’s upcoming AAA title, Cyberpunk 2077, has been pushed back significantly from its April 16 release date. It will now be released September 17, 2020, almost exactly five months from its originally scheduled date.

The company took to Twitter this morning to make the announcement, assuring fans that the game is “complete and playable” but lamenting “there’s still work to be done”. The company reminded their disappointed audience that Night City, the game’s open-world setting, is both massive and densely populated with things to do and see.

They went on to explain the sheer scale and complexity of it all requires a lot of time; more time than the previous April deadline afforded them. They thanked fans for our ongoing support and promised a steady stream of updates leading up to its now-months-away release.

The news comes on the heels of Square Enix making a similar decision, with their highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake release being postponed by several weeks. While the delay in this case was much shorter, it highlights the complexity of, and extreme demands required to be met in, the development and production of large, blockbuster titles.

With the next generation of games promising to be bigger and better, expect more delays of premium, AAA titles in the future. Check out the announcement below:

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