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We here at The Game Manual love gaming a lot. So much so that it’s why we started this site in the first place. We want to share our passion for gaming with anybody that wants to revel in the fun it brings as much as we do, but what if a physical disability prevents a game from being enjoyed by somebody who sees this joy and wants to be involved?

The Xbox Adaptive Controller has been making gaming much more accessible to people with disabilities for well over a year now, and one father decided to make a weekend project out of pushing the controller’s limits in a truly unique way,

Rory Steel wanted his daughter, Ava, to be able to play one of the greatest games of last decade like all of her friends. With an Xbox Adaptive Controller, the technological know-how, and a lot of elbow grease, he was able to mod the controller to work for the Switch.

He completely customized the controller’s layout and made it look absolutely amazing with some extra lighting. The end result was not only a fully functioning controller, but a heart-warmingly adorable smile that we know will be one of many for her as she continues her journey to rid Hyrule of Calamity Ganon.

The story was told in a series of videos embedded in Tweets as progress continued, so check those out below:

Seriously, we admire the dedication involved here.

The end result here is absolutely heart-warming, and we applaud both Rory Steel and Microsoft for working to make gaming more accessible. With that said, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight a charity specifically mentioned by Mr. Steel as part of the inspiration for his daughter’s controller: Special Effect.

Special Effect Charity Logo

Special Effect is a wonderful UK-based charity focused on doing the very same thing Rory has done for his daughter: Working towards developing and providing the means of making video games more inclusive to people who otherwise couldn’t enjoy them to their fullest potential.

We love the care and work put into this very much, and encourage you to not just check out their site, but to consider donating as well.

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