Bethesda’s and id Software’s sequel to 2016’s DOOM reboot is due out in a few months and they’re ramping up the hype with a new trailer. This is the second official trailer for DOOM Eternal, and in addition to showing off more of the game’s new antagonist(s), it also gives us a peak of the Doom Slayer without his helmet.

Doom Slayer is the stuff your nightmares have nightmares about. The boogeyman’s boogeyman. The ancient writ of the demons of hell tell stories of the Doom Slayer’s arrival, and the sheer inexorable rage, murder, and destruction that follows in his wake.

Now we get a peak at exactly what this eldritch horror really looks like, and if we’re being honest, it’s a little underwhelming. I mean, look at this guy:

He looks like his name is Todd and he sells energy shakes at your local GNC. Don’t tell him we said that, though. Please.

Jokes aside, it’s hard for the human form to ever communicate the raw horror that the Doom Slayer represents, and part of us liked the ambiguity of him only ever wearing the suit. There’s something about not knowing that lets the imagination run wild. Regardless, DOOM Eternal looks like an absolute blast, and we have no qualms stepping into Todd’s shoes to take on the hordes of cyberdemons that await us.

(Please Todd, don’t kill us.)

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