Update (01/14/2020 @ 12:50 PM): Square Enix has gone into full damage control, filing DMCA takedown requests all across the internet. The latest target has been Twitter users that shared data-mined information from the leaked FFVII Remake demo. See @roXyPS3’s tweet below.

Spoiler Warning: If you continue to read, you will likely see things that were not meant to be seen prior to the game’s release. If you don’t want to spoil anything for yourself, do yourself a favor and click the back button now.

We said it once and we’ll say it again: Final Fantasy VII Remake is never out of the headlines for long. Following Tuesday’s leaked demo footage, which quickly evolved from the opening FMV to gameplay footage for the entire demo, eager fans have taken things to the next level by data mining the demo for every possible scrap of information. They have not come up empty handed.

Twitter user @roXyPS3, among others, has shared several of her findings, such as a list of skills/abilities:

Also, a list of minigames:

And, a list of weapons:

Then we have some less obvious details, such as the fact that the in-game videos have a set resolution of 1920 x 1080 and are limited to 30 frames per second, which Roxanne theorizes means the game itself may be limited to the same resolution and frame rate (meaning it will be upscaled on the PS4 Pro, rather than run natively at 4K or 60 FPS):

Roxanne also mentions that the game’s localization was done with exceptional care, even creating facial motions and gestures separately for the English vs Japanese voice-overs:

Lastly, a Discord group leaked an Imgur link with many datamined screenshots from the game. These feature some scenes from the demo, but many that are not from the demo, ranging all the way to what we must assume is nearing the game’s climax. We’ve included some, but not all, of those screenshots below:

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The sheer gravity of leaks before the demo has even hit the PSN store has at least some people over at Square Enix on edge. Neal Pabon, Senior Manager of Product Marketing for the developer-and-publisher’s North American branch shared a tweet last night conveying as much:

We feel for you, Neal.

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