A rom hack for Super Mario Sunshine lets us play as everyone’s second-favorite plumber, effectively turning the game into Super Luigi Sunshine. The rom hack has been in the works for some time now, but as of January 12, 2020, it’s been officially released.

Poor Luigi always gets left behind while Mario, Peach, and Toad go on vacation to Isle Delfino. Thankfully, with this hack we can undo this great injustice brought down upon the green-capped legend.

Super Mario Sunshine Hack
Peach suddenly cares about where Luigi has been. Who knew?

Super Luigi Sunshine is an ongoing project and has had a good number of contributors putting forth effort to get it as polished as possible for fans. Romhacking.net posted an update which included a few new additions to the Luigi mod, getting the character transition to blend more seamlessly into the world of Super Mario Sunshine.

Here are some of the new features the hack brings to the GameCube classic:

  • NPCs in the game now call the player “Luigi” instead of Mario.
  • Player marker on the map has been changed from pixel Mario to pixel Luigi.
  • Mario’s character model is changed to Luigi’s character model.
  • Luigi’s character model is now stylized to match the Super Mario Sunshine aesthetic.
  • FLUDD has been completely redesigned to look like Luigi’s Poltergust 3000.
  • The lives display now has an icon of Luigi’s face instead of Mario’s and changed the name over to “Luigi”.
  • The title screen will now say Super Luigi Sunshine done up the exact style of the original game logo.
  • Luigi has a voice clip that plays whenever you boot up the game.
Super Mario Sunshine Luigi
Luigi finally getting a taste of Isle Delfino.

Contributors are welcome to assist in fixing or adding anything to make the overall hack better than it currently is, with credit being offered in-game along with everyone else who has worked on it. Everything can be found on Romhacking.net.

It’s truly impressive to see how far along this has come, from the days of them substituting the Super Mario 64 DS character model all the way to what it is right now. Perhaps if Nintendo decides to make an HD remake of Super Mario Sunshine we will see Luigi added in as a secondary player or even have his own side-story. They did leave him out the first time around, after all.

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