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Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz in a recent announcement, Google responded to complaints regarding the lack of announcements for its new cloud-based gaming platform, Google Stadia. As GamesIndustry mentions, reports began to circle this month of a growing frustration among the platform’s user base with the lack of future title-release announcements and a lack of upcoming features.

One such Stadia subscriber complained on Reddit, pointing out that it had been over a month since Stadia announced a new game and that it had been over two months since such announcements were frequent-or-regular. Another complained that the service only supports Google’s own Pixel brand of Android phones, leaving the vast majority of mobile phones–on both the Android and Apple side of the market–ineligible as game streaming devices.

Google, who promised 120 games would be coming for the Stadia in 2020, replied to criticisms and complaints when GamesIndustry reached out for comment. Here’s what they had to say:

We understand the desire to hear more specifics on the games. After all, that is what it is about: the games. Of course, not all 120 titles will be announced by the Stadia team, as we leave it up to the publishers to make the announcement about their IP/games, and which platforms it will appear on — just as we will do with the exclusive content coming to Stadia.

Google spokesperson via GamesIndustry.biz

It’s hard to read this as anything other than yet another cop-out. Back in November, Google famously blamed game developers for the Stadia’s poor technical performance, when it became clear that many games were not running in the 4K resolution or at the 60fps that Google had previously promised.

Now it’s been made clear that not only is it not Google’s fault that the Stadia doesn’t perform as advertised over and over again, but the tech giant is also not responsible for keeping its subscribers up to date on new title launches or recent platform developments.

While we’re not apt to agree with Google’s callous assessment of their culpability, the new announcement at least clarifies one thing: Google has no intention of owning up to their irresponsible and misleading marketing, of living up to its many unfulfilled promises, or of treating its fledgling user base with any degree of respect.

But, hey, that’s probably not Google’s fault either.

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