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Fans of 2016’s indie favorite Furi, which combined shoot ’em up, hack and slash, and bullet hell elements into a fast-paced action game, have cause for excitement with The Game Bakers’ new adventure RPG title, Haven.

Okay, so it’s not Furi 2, and that may be a little disappointing, but Haven looks absolutely fantastic so far. First and foremost, check out the game’s opening sequences which The Game Bakers posted to YouTube just this morning:

The opening movie doesn’t tell you much about the gameplay, but it does hint at the game’s core story and put on full display its beautiful art direction. This watercolor animation mimics the same general watercolor aesthetic of the game itself (albeit the game is rendered in 3D), with its soft palette and transcendent effects.

Matched to a fitting synthwave soundtrack, Haven tells a story about love and freedom integrated into an adventure RPG. The game can be played single-player, or in co-op with a “special someone” (their words, not ours). Honestly, we’re okay with that special someone being your Xbox Live or PSN bros. We don’t judge.

You can get a better feel for the in-game graphics by checking out the gameplay trailer:

In Haven, you’ll play as lovers and protagonists Yu and Kay, who have escaped (from what?) to a forgotten planet. You’ll play as the romantic couple who are settling into the unknown, and must work to survive together. You’ll control both characters concurrently, exploring and fighting to restore the planet.

The game has a “gliding” mechanic that lets you sail over grassy fields, which looks like a neat way to get around, and you’ll likely spend plenty of time using this mechanic to navigate the game’s world.

The second player can drop-out at anytime, but since the focus of the game is on the inseparable romance between these two characters, you might want to put the game on pause until your special someone (looking at you, bro) can rejoin the adventure.

The combat mechanics aren’t 100% clear yet, but it looks like a turn-based RPG combat system, though much of the gameplay trailer shows the dyad gliding away from enemies. From the description, it sounds as if the combat may be optional for those more interested in the game’s story. Haven seems dialogue heavy, as RPGs are wont to be, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be plenty of RPG action. Only time will tell.

Haven is coming to Windows PCs via Steam and Xbox Game Pass, as well as to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, sometime in 2020.

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