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Humble Bundle Australia Fire Relief

Humble Bundle Australia Fire Relief

Find the Australia Fire Relief charity bundle here!

Joining many others in the quest to provide Australia with the assistance it needs to overcome and recover from its recent catastrophic wildfires, Humble Bundle is hosting a week-long fundraising event.

The new Australia Fire Relief bundle includes over $400 of games for a mere $25 donation, with 100% of those proceeds benefiting animals and wildlife affected by the fires.

The new bundle includes fan-favorite titles like Hollow Knight and Crawl, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to do the right thing by contributing to a worthy cause. If that good deed comes with a little something on the side, all the better.

The Game Manual has already made numerous cash donations to this and other causes benefiting displaced Australians and Australian wildlife, and will continue to do so until the people, and the wildlife, in Australia are safe and restored to their proper homes.

We’re asking that you consider doing the same for our brothers and sisters in Australia, for the animals that call Australia home, and for the environment that is taking a heavy toll due to these out-of-control fires.

Find the Australia Fire Relief charity bundle here!

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