Wouldn’t it be nice to play modern titles with the same controller we used to explore Morrowind, fly around on dragons in Panzer Dragon Orta, decide the fate of Albion in Fable, and rack up kills on Gemini in Halo 2? The form factor of the original Xbox controller, largely referred to as the Duke controller, has long been a fan favorite (especially for those with large paws).

Not only has the Duke been back for some time now, but now it’s also on sale! Praise the money saving game deal gods!

If you’ve got hands big enough to hold this absolute unit of a controller, then clearly you can fit a lot of cash in each one of your mitts to throw at this beast. Just be happy you live in the same timeline as this monster.

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller Unit
We needed an additional server just to host this absolute unit of an image.

Not only are the regular black and green Hyperkin Duke controllers on sale, but so is the red Limited Edition version. (Personally, we have a lot of love for the green Limited Edition Hyperkin Duke controller, which mimics the controller that came with the limited edition, Halo 2-themed original Xbox.)

Click either of the images below or the image above to get these great deals!

Green Hyperkin DukeHyperkin Duke Wired Controller Red

Normally the Hyperkin Duke controllers retail for a whopping $69.99, but the black and green controllers are both going for $38.97 a pop, whereas the red limited edition Duke Controller is $48.00.

Parting ways with your money will be less difficult once you bless your eyeballs with the original Xbox startup screen that happens on the newly fitted LED screen, right where the original Xbox logo used to be on the old controller.

When there's no more room in Hell, I shall seek appropriate lodging elsewhere.

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