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Metro Exodus is a fantastic game; one which we awarded an astounding 9/10 when we reviewed it back in January. Even now, almost a year after its February 2019 release, the game is still getting better with today’s release of Metro Exodus‘ final DLC expansion: Sam’s Story. We’re super psyched to try out the new expansion pass, as will many fans of the game, but there are some that still have to wait, albeit not much longer.

Gamers still loyal to Steam, and those who haven’t adopted Epic Game’s PC distribution platform for any other reason, have not had access to Metro Exodus for almost a year due to a one-year exclusivity arrangement that doesn’t expire for another few days (on February 15, 2020).

Luckily, their wait is almost up, and when the game drops on Steam this Saturday, the games final DLC expansion, Sam’s Story, will already be available, giving newcomers to the title a chance to experience Metro Exodus for the first time in its entirety.

Metro Exodus is already available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on Windows PC via the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Pass.

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