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On February 11, 2020 the final DLC for Metro Exodus, labeled Sam’s Story, will be released for Xbox One, Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. It is based around Sam, an American ex-marine that once guarded the US Embassy in Russia.

Sam traveled with the rest of the Spartans on the Aurora, and he functioned as Colonel Miller’s bodyguard. Though he primarily stood guard at the Aurora itself, he often took part in missions out in the field. 

Sam’s Story is described as a sandbox survival expansion. You will have to pave your own way to Vladivostok as Sam as you take on unpredictable and harsh conditions in a heightened state of vulnerability. Sam is determined to contact his family in America, and upon the conclusion of the journey in Exodus, is hopeful that they may still be alive.

Vladivostok, as the home port of the Russian Pacific Fleet, and  the largest Russian port on the Pacific Coast, is the best bet at finding a way out to the Americas. Sam will see it in its post-apocalyptic state, ravaged by tsunamis and with crumbling industrial ruins, dissolving residential areas, and creatures that surpass imagination. 

Sam 1
Sam played an integral role on the Aurora with good humored resolve and proven combat skills.

Getting beyond Vladivostok will be virtually impossible, but so was garnering a functioning train and keeping a crew alive to find habitable land beyond the bandits, physical obstacles, and creatures encountered in Exodus.

If there is one thing broadcasted wonderfully in this game, it is the stubborn and relentless will of the characters. Resilient as he is, Sam will nonetheless need every wit he harbors to survive, and the environment will be trickier than he thought, full of nightmarish enemies and secrets. 

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The new hyper-mutated natives of the irradiated Motherland are always alien and terrifying.

Sam’s Story is the final DLC of Metro Exodus, due out next month. The Metro games boast a gripping story about overcoming outrageous odds with little to go by. It will be interesting to see what Sam will have to pull in order to get all the way back to North America; an undoubtedly nail biting, treacherous journey. 


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