Beginning March 31, 2020, Nintendo will no longer be able to repair Nintendo Wii main console units due to an inability to secure the necessary components according to a notice-of-termination released today. They also will stop accepting repairs for Wii peripherals when their current stock of parts runs out, according to the same notice, though the exact date of that service termination is tentative.

While the Wii is a bonafide retro-console now, the Wii is far from being obscure, having first released in 2006 (nearly 14 years ago) and sold its final units, in the form of the “Wii Mini”, in 2017 (long into Nintendo’s Wii U life cycle and almost into the beginning of the Nintendo Switch’s life cycle). With over 100 million units sold, the Nintendo Wii was a massive commercial success and there are undoubtedly many consumers that still have-and-play this console.

So if you’ve been sitting on a broken Wii, now is the time to get it fixed, as the March 31 deadline is fast approaching. Though, honestly, it’s more than easy enough to pick up used Wii consoles from your local reseller–so if you miss the deadline, we wouldn’t sweat it. The Nintendo Wii goes for as little as $40 on eBay–including an assortment of games.

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