SNK has dropped a new trailer to introduce the new roster of characters included in its upcoming Season Pass 2 expansion for Samurai Shodown. Nominated for Best Fighting Game at The Game Awards 2019, Samurai Shodown‘s new expansion will bring four new characters and is scheduled for release this February (with the Switch version of the full game following shortly after on February 25th).

Check out the characters below:

Mina made her first debut in SAMURAI SHODOWN V in 2003. Now she’s back and ready for action. Born in Ryukyu with strong spiritual energy, she wields her bow clearing the world of evil demons. Mina reached 1st place in the Dengeki Online’s most wanted DLC characters poll.

Sogetsu returns after making his first appearance in SAMURAI SHODOWN IV in 1996. He’s a fearsome ninja of the Kazama clan, able to control the power of water. Kazuki, his younger brother, made his comeback to SAMURAI SHODOWN in November as a DLC character in Season 1.

Iroha first spread her wings in SAMURAI SHODOWN VI in 2005. She fights to protect her master at all costs using her two butterfly swords. She claimed 2nd place in Dengeki Online’s most wanted DLC characters poll.

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