Disclaimer: The Page 1 Podcast is completely unscripted and thus, as it often is with a group of adults, contains the occasional profanity or lewd content. The podcast is not particularly explicit, but for listeners under 18, parent approval is highly recommended.

We here at The Game Manual put in a lot of hard work. We’re not just running a website, we’re building a home. We’re starting a video game news and entertainment platform from scratch with lint in our pockets and a whole lot of gusto. That includes the website, but also much more.

We’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes as we work on multiple podcast series, regular video content like (video reviews, video editorials, and video features), and an ongoing stream of non-news articles. We’re trying to realize a dream, and that’s not possible without the most important ingredient: You.

Your support, and your trust, are the most essential commodity in building The Game Manual into something worthy of our pride and your respect. In that vein, we’ve started The Page 1 Podcast series because we want you to know who we are, what we stand for, what we’re doing, and what our hopes are for the future.

We’ll be releasing new episodes bi-weekly, bringing you behind the curtain to meet the crew and see what it is we’re up to as The Game Manual grows and evolves. This series is a thank you from us to you for your support.

As a reward to those who so generously support us via Patreon, new episodes will be released a week early to supporters before making their way onto the site (excepting this introductory episode). Again, we just want to thank you for visiting The Game Manual, and we hope you enjoy what we’re trying to create here.

The Game Manual Staff

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