Tubbz Numskull

Nothing captures the raw terror of the survival horror genre like adorable rubber duckies. Tubbz, perhaps the most well-known brand of rubber-duck bath toys, has just what the doctor ordered: An assortment of video game themed collectibles, designed by Numskull Designs.

Their latest wave of cosplaying rubber ducks features Doom and Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as survival-horror classics The Last of Us and Resident Evil 2. Each game has a four duck collection with each duck boasting titillating detailed and comically accurate haircuts. Their cute little outfits, adorable little weapons, and kawaii cordycep infections make this line-up a must-have for gamers everywhere. 

Tubbz The Last Of Us Clicker Ns 04
The hideous cordyceps that rendered much of humanity extinct in the Last of Us doesn’t look any less disturbing on this cute duck.

Their previous collections featured characters from Lord of the Rings, Crash Bandicoot, and Borderlands 3, among others. Each figure stands 9cm tall and is made out of high quality PVC. They come with little collectible tubs to sit in because, hey, they’re rubber ducks. 

Crash Bandicoot Crash Numskull 01
They’ve gone a little Dr. Moreau, but the bandicoot/duck works.
Tubbz Fallout Vault Boy Figure
Even the tubs are precious.

The ducks are cute themselves, but the cosplays really seal the deal. They boast insanely accurate design, using their little wings to hold impressively articulated shotguns, pistols, and axes. They also each come in easily stackable boxes that will neatly display them and make them easy to organize. 

Tubbz Doom Doom Slayer Ns 04
Hell fears him. He loves bread.
100373261 Max

You can check out the huge array of ducks on Tubbz’ website, and they are also available on Geek Store.


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