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If you’re unfamiliar with the LEGO Ideas website, it’s been the cradle for several fan-creations-turned-legitimate-products–and some of LEGO’s best toy sets in recent years. LEGO Ideas has us all merrily parting ways with our money.

It’s a simple concept: Fans create their ideas and submit them online for everyone to vote on. If votes reach a goal of 10,000 votes or more, then it goes to the board at LEGO Ideas, where they will decide whether or not the production is practical, stable, and meets their normal standards. They’ll also work out any licensing issues that may be required–or that may make the project otherwise unfeasible.

Lego Ideas Voltron Lego Set
Our staff are the proud owners of several LEGO Ideas projects, including Voltron.

A few notable licensed LEGO Idea creations that caught the internet on fire and started trending were the LEGO Voltron set–which we actually have here at The Game Manual office, it’s seriously amazing–the Upside Down from Stranger Things, and Central Perk from the sitcom Friends.

Now, Untitled Goose Game seems to be on the path towards Lego infamy, if all goes well. Currently, the set has over 5,000 votes with over 700 days left. Given the runaway success of Panic’s indie gem and the overwhelmingly positive response from fans on the LEGO Ideas site, it seems almost guaranteed this will go onto the next phase of production.

I mean. Just look at it:

Considering that the LEGO Ideas team even labeled the Untitled Goose Game set here as one of their staff picks and showcased it on Twitter, the chances of this getting the greenlight continue to increase.

In addition the response on Twitter and other social media has been extremely positive. Who wouldn’t be excited to have a little LEGO goose stealing stuff?

If you’d like to cast your vote and help ensure this product comes to life, head on over to the profile of “A Fellow Player“–the mastermind behind the Untitled Goose Game LEGO set and let them know. Let’s hope we see this pass the next few phases and begin production soon.


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