Xbox Game Pass is going to load a few more bullets into its seemingly never-ending clip of games this month. Starting today, February 6 both Final Fantasy XV and Wolfenstein: Youngblood will warp strike and shockhammer their way onto systems everywhere.

Final Fantasy Xv Gameplay
Noctis doing what Noctis does best.

Despite the polarizing views on Final Fantasy XV, we here at The Game Manual have collectively sunk hundreds of hours into the game and its DLC over the years. It’s definitely worth investing into, and even more so if you give the movie and anime a whirl since they do a great job of expanding the FFXV universe.

On February 12 we’ll see the happy little robots from Death Squared added in for good measure, as they die trying to figure their way around puzzles. For those without any plans on Valentine’s Day, there will be a closed beta for Bleeding Edge that lasts until the 16th, unless of course you want to make that your date night–which sounds pretty awesome, too.

Sadly, there will also be some games leaving Xbox Game Pass, so you better get your time in with them while you can. Here’s a list of the games the subscription service will be losing, shortly:

Disney Epic Mickey 2
Jackbox Party Pack 2
Pumped BMX Pro
Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Gameplay
Needless to say, the guys with the guns aren’t going to win this fight with Lara Croft.

We highly recommend Disney’s Epic Mickey 2 since it’s not only an amazing licensed game, but it’s also a lot of fun in co-op. We also suggest Shadow of the Tomb Raider which had some of the best set pieces for an action game in a long, long time.

When there's no more room in Hell, I shall seek appropriate lodging elsewhere.

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